One place for all your Sage support needs:


How It Works:

Constructive Advisor offers live, on-demand support on all Sage 300 CRE, Sage 100 Contractor, and Sage Estimating construction modules and Sage Developer Partner Products. We also offer IT support related to your Sage software.

All calls are handled by staff Certified Consultants. We have a well-rounded team of Sage Construction software experts, assuring you the best possible outcome and resolution with the least waste of effort and time.

Experience You Can Count On:

Our staff collectively has implemented nearly 2,000 Sage construction software systems. Plus, they have real-world, well-rounded experience – not just expertise in one segment of the product line. Often problems span multiple modules – we’ll handle it without handing you off. Of course, we also have subject-matter experts so, for example, your estimating question will be handled by an estimating expert.

How We Charge:

The Constructive Advisor Membership consists of two components, an annual membership fee and time credit. Support calls are charged against your time credit according to the length of the call.

Your annual membership fee entitles you to many additional services:

  • Priority handling of your support call
  • Free access to scheduled online training classes held weekly
  • A one hour annual online "checkup" discussing how you can get more from your Sage system


No Restrictions:

Our staff will work with you on any problem that you encounter including Report and Inquiry Designer, Crystal Reports, Planswift, On-Center, IT issues, and most Developer Partner products. There are some Developer Partner products where we will refer you back to the developer at no charge when that is best for you.

How We Save You Money:

By offering a plan where you pay only for what you use you are not subsidizing others that may require extensive support. Constructive Advisor’s additional services alone more than pay for the annual fee. Consider that an online review is a minimum of $200, that each class offered would be $50 or more (and we offer over 60 per year).